Guide to Home Furniture Rental Stores: How to Rent Furniture for Cheap

Guide to Home Furniture Rental Stores: How to Rent Furniture for Cheap

Posted 09.14.2009 in Articles by Christopher

Renting home furniture can be a convenient and affordable option for many consumers. On the surface, furniture rental stores offer comparable services. However, it is important to read the fine print, which may make statements about additional costs that are not immediately apparent. These hidden fees for damages or extra services can easily cost renters a great deal of money, making what is typically cheap furniture rental a very expensive prospect. This article analyzes the services offered by some of the most recognizable furniture rental stores in an attempt to assist consumers to make a financially responsible decision.

Home furniture rentals are available virtually everywhere. Cort Furniture Rental and Brook Furniture Rental provide cheap furniture rental in many areas, while Fashion Furniture Rental focuses on the southern California and Bay Area regions. Each of these rental furniture specialists offers its version of a complete home package. Basically, each one defines these packages as including a living room, dining room and one bedroom. Additional bedrooms may be added for larger homes.

For an additional monthly charge, renters may add other components to these packages. Common extras like televisions, DVD players and television stands are offered by each of these furniture rental stores. Each of these home furniture rentals specialists also provide housewares packages that include bedding, towels and other linen accessories. Kitchen essentials like pots and pans may also be included, as can appliances and artwork.

Cort is able to complete most furniture deliveries within 48 hours of an order. In some areas, they are able to provide delivery within 24 hours when the renter pays an extra fee. Brook charges what they call a "distribution fee" that covers delivery, set-up and pickup. The fee also covers one additional delivery or pickup of rented items. Fashion Furniture Rentals charges a flat $150 transportation fee for delivery, set-up and pickup at the conclusion of the rental term. However, renters who sign an agreement for a six month or longer term will find that Fashion waives this $150 fee.

Cort sets itself apart from the competition by also offering student packages for consumers with valid college identification. These useful and affordable packages equip students for either nine or 12 month rental periods. Student packages provide the basics for studios or one bedroom apartments at rates that are around $99 to $159 per month. For just an additional $55 per month, the student can add up to two additional bedrooms if they should get roommates during the term of their lease. A convenient study package including bookcase, desk and chair can be added for just $30 per month, providing useful workspace for busy students. Neither of the other two rental stores offer special student pricing. However, they do offer affordable rental items that may be suitable for budget-conscious student renters.

Many retailers frequently offer specials and sales to attract consumers, and stores that specialize in home furniture rentals are no exception. Cort features regular Manager's Specials that vary by location and products on hand. If a Cort location is overstocked on a certain furniture grouping, consumers may find these pieces offered at a substantial discount. Brook Furniture Rental keeps pricing simple and predictable by offering a 5% discount on a six month lease term. With a one year term, the discount is 10%, making it easy for renters to know precisely how much they will save by agreeing to a longer term. Fashion sets its sights on a low price guarantee that allows them to match or beat valid offers made by competing companies. Consumers with a quote from a rival furniture rental store may be able to save substantially by showing that quote to Fashion.

While both Cort and Brook allow renters to choose individual items to rent, Fashion appears to only rent furniture as part of packages. At Fashion, renters may select from furniture collections or a complete home package that includes extras like electronics and artwork. Brook offers three levels of furniture collections: Essentials, Lifestyle and Luxury. Consumers get quite a bit of flexibility when they rent from Brook because of the ability to upgrade or downgrade any items to a different category depending upon their desires. The Essentials collection provides the greatest economic value as it starts at just $315 per month for a one year rental. The Luxury line starts at $788 per month for one year.

Cort's pricing per month becomes less expensive with longer rental agreements. For instance, a complete home package that is rented for a single month may cost as much as $2,670. However, if the same package is leased for a period of at least a year, the price is reduced to about $538 per month. Fashion provides a six month complete home package for about $700 on a monthly basis. With a cheap furniture rental from Fashion, consumers may also choose to add on a Customer Protection Program that costs an additional 10% per month of the rental agreement. This program essentially provides insurance against damage and loss during the rental period.

In addition to providing home furniture rentals, Cort also sells items in their showrooms. Items are categorized and prices according to their refurbished condition, and many pieces sell at prices that are about 70% less than retail prices for new furniture.

Fashion Furniture Rental is a great choice for people living in southern California and the Bay Area. Their reasonable pricing and Customer Protection Program make them a smart choice. Cort and Brook have many more locations and can accordingly offer a broader diversity of products. Cort distinguishes itself by offering affordable student packages, while Brook offers convenient and predictable pricing discounts. Any of these cheap furniture rental stores can provide customers with excellent value for their dollar. It's important to understand that the best deals can be made when rental agreements of at least six months or longer are being utilized. With this kind of information, consumers have the power to make a wise financial decision.

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